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About Trance

Certified Psychological Counselor and Mediator

You Already Know What's Best For You

When Socrates said: "I know that, I know nothing”, he didn't really include his sub-conscious. However this makes clear that very often, when we try to understand or solve challenges in life, using solely intellect and reason, it will lead us to even more questions and makes us feel like "thinking in circles".

What Socrates and Plato did't know though, and is little known even nowadays, is that our sub-conscience holds many of those answers for us in stock. The good new is, that we "only" need to learn how to access those answers by allowing our sub-conscience to come forward and transfer those answers from our sub-conscious mind into our conscious mind. Through my my working with you, you will learn how to and more and more of these answers will come to light and be accessible for you.

Contact me to learn more about your personal way to happiness.

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