Private Sessions and Workshops for MIND & MINDFULLNESS with MEDITATIONS AND HYPNOSIS created to help with your personal quest


my MEDITATION sessions to help you solve your

specific and very personal QUEST

Using those STORIES and MEDITATION I can help to resolve old PATTERNS, unwanted HABITS that are no longer needed and only block you from a new happy approach to life.

I offer MEDITATION WORKSHOPS for small groups (5-6 p. max.) with many different topics.

With my MEDITATION workshops and sessions I will help you to find back your natural inner balance and happiness.

Some topics ... sleeplessness ... racing thoughts ... 

lack of motivation ... lost love ... easy frustration ... overreacting ... lack of self-esteem 

Please consult first with your physician to make sure NONE of these are of physical nature.

I'm happy to hear about a topic that interests you

please feel free to write or comment