Family and Partnership

I support you and your Family in all questions of psychological-social matters. My goal is your benefit and the benefit of Everyone you Love.

Marriage and Relationships

At times a family, a partnership or a marriage may ask overwhelming strength from the couple or the family. Sometimes the family goals SEEM not compatible with the goals of the individuals of the family. My AIM is to find the RESOURCES for new PATHWAYS.


Families come in all shapes and sizes!!! We can redefine the meaning of "FAMILY" for our own personal situations"


Within my Coaching and Counselling degree, I have specialized in the CHALLENGES which PARENTING might present to a FAMILY of any size or composition.

CHILDREN of all ages are very sensitive to CHANGE. Let's find out how to HELP them to embrace change.


Cross-Cultural Approach

Living as a multicultural family, partnership or society sometimes presents CHALLENGES that we OURSELVES or our Counterpart is not aware of. Living most of my life abroad and being faced with many different CULTURES has brought on me this particular SENSITIVITY needed to guide a person without questioning their VALUES.


Teens & Emotions

Due to the many CHANGES in the BRAIN and BODY throughout puberty, young adults find themselves with overwhelming new EMOTIONS that they cannot explain. I would like to help them find this UNDERSTANDING and REASSURANCE. 

Break Up & Divorce

Not only Young Adults have overwhelming emotions also but people of all ages. Luckily it is nowadays socially accepted and even recommended do get the help from an EXPERT in overwhelming situations.


Personal Growth

There is always room for positive changes in LIFE. Our aim to be happy keeps us young and flexible ... and contributes to our GOOD HEALTH.


Business and Workplace

We will never be able to change the OTHERS unless we give them a good incentive to change ... but we can change our own INVOLVMENT, EMOTIONS and REACTIONS and the others will follow suit.



Changes in Lifestyle depend as much as any other changes in life from the POWER of the INCENTIVE and MOTIVATION behind them. Let me help you find that POWER!

Single Parent

For enumerable reasons we can find ourselves

raising our CHILDREN without the help of partners.

Being a Single Parent is not only harder because of the limited time, but also because often there is no moral SUPPORT from another person. Having no one to share our DECISIONS can make us feel overpowered and helpless.

I'll be happy to strengthen your POWER.