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What are the Areas of Creativity?

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Hi everyone,

Please accept my apologies for not going on with my blog as promised. Some of you might know about my renovation project in my house (while living there) that I began a little bit too optimistic, regarding time and involvement. So much about wishful thinking 😀

Well this project devoured my time and energy during the last month, but I am at a point now where I can see the end and I like what I‘m seeing. Which means I can go back to the things I enjoy in my free time and this blog is one of them.

I promised last time that we would discuss several questions regarding creativity in this blog during the next weeks and here is one of them.

What are the areas of creativity?

What would you say? Where can you find creativity? When do you need/use creativity.

In ancient Greece, creativity was in a certain way on equal terms with music. Music played a big role in every part of their life. Or at least in a life of what they thought a civilized person should live. For example Music and therefore creativity played an important role in areas like architecture or history.

(If you would like to know more in depth about this here is a short and interesting video

So originally creativity was associated very much with any kind of artistic activities. And still today we often think of the Arts first, when talking about creativity.

But things have changed considerably in the last one or two decades. Employers are requiring creativity not only from their managers and executive staff, but all throughout their entire workforce.

When you look at all the workshops and seminars that promise to boost your creativity (mostly offered on company level), it becomes clear how important creativity has become.

But is this the same creativity that makes a Picasso or a Beethoven? Well there are some discussions going on about that. Or better the scientific world has distinguished the creativity between big C creativity (on a genius level) and small c creativity (every day creativity). Well I don’t find that very creative. I think that there is much more to it and the transition is far to subtle to make such a strong distinction. But at the moment there is not a better solution/model to work with and until there is I will try to be small c creative with my blog here, with my work with my clients and in every other aspect of my life.

When are you most creative? Can you tell? Does it depend on the subject/task that you are „working on“. Or is it a time of the day?

Let me know in your comments your own experience with creativity.

Looking forward to hear about your thoughts and ideas and/or questions.

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