Why Mediation ?

Different ideas, opposite ways, diverging goals ... but the NEED to work together

... find common grounds to comfortably live or work and achieve together or side by side

I provide SUPPORT and GUIDANCE in all aspects of LIFE 

private and work-related issues

What does mediation do?

Same interest different ways to achieve it.

I will show you how to work with opposite ideas to reach a common goal.

How to reach a common goal with different ideas

Who can benefit from Mediation?

Between 2 Persons (or more) with a common goal but with different ideas on how to successfully reach this goal and achievement.

Whenever desired or required change is happening in a relationship or relation, which causes unhappiness.

Specialized Mediation for Parents and Families?

... for the  Benefit  of the Children!

You don't have to like each other's ways to be able to make and have something truly beautiful.

Divorce or Break-Up between the parents?  ...  it helps the children when the parents can find common ground regarding the children's interest . 

A wish to find common ground?

I support You & Your Family in all questions of

psychological-social matters, providing the