Meet Martina

Certified Psychological Counselor and Mediator

For as long as I can remember, I was fascinated by people and their path to happiness. Beginning in high-school, I started to teach myself different languages to better understand people and their cultures when visiting different countries. As an adult, this passion turned into my profession. I did my undergraduate studies in Languages and Cultural Advancement, to then proceeded to earn my Psychologist's degree from the Institute of M. Leibovici in Vienna, with a specialisation in Life-Coaching, Family- Counseling, Parenting and Divorce-Mediation. The certification as NLP-Practitioner and Trance-Coach, that followed my degree, taught me how to provide my clients with tools for long-lasting happiness. At the moment I am working on my Master's Thesis in Psychology from the University of Graz.

I am part of an international family. My son and daughter are recent University Graduates and live now in the United States. I have lived and worked in Italy, Spain, Japan and Southeast Asia as well as in Germany and Austria and I speak fluent English, German, Italian and Spanish and some Japanese. For the time of the Pandemic I am based in Vienna, Austria.