people are different ...

 every person is unique

Throughout my whole life, privately as well as in my professional life, I followed one particular idea

... a conviction that has been confirmed, whenever and wherever I was with people: 


There are NO 2 PEOPLE the same

… and hence NO 2 PEOPLE  

LEARN, SOLVE, SETTLE or LIVE in the same way.

This is especially important when working with persons from MULTICULTURAL and INTERCULTURAL SOCIAL BACKGROUNDS. Every culture as well as every person has a very own set of BELIEFS and VALUES 

which make the PERSON SO SPECIAL.

I arrange all MY COACHING, COUSELLING and GUIDANCE, as well as my language teaching in a way that those VALUES are RESPECTED and UNDERSTOOD, so that you will experience every new BEGINNING or CHANGE in you life - even, if minimal - with confidence and self-reliance to experience, discover and understand

I’m a psychologist and life counselor and I am certified in Austria and Germany as a coach and psychological counselor I got my degree at Martina Leibovici-Mühlberger´s well-known Private School. (Very famous in Vienna). I also had NLP formation (Neurolinguistig Programming) for several years which taught me, how to help my clients to focus on the positive. I have been working with people for 9 years now and love this work. My approach is completely goal oriented, which means I'm not dwelling more than necessary on the past, but trying to help find solutions for the future. I was born and raised in Germany where I completed my Abitur and Undergraduate Studies in Language Teaching and Translation. I also lived and worked in Italy, Spain,the Philippines and Japan. For the last 20 years I have lived, worked, studied and raised a my Family here in Vienna. My daughter and my son both went to the Vienna International School and are now both

in the US doing their Bachelor Degrees. 

I believe firmly that a coach and counselor has to adapt his/her sessions to the clients outlook, needs and challenges ... and not vice-versa. I speak fluent 

English, German, Italian and Spanish.

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